“How do you do it, Leslie Gideon? From The Van to Great & Terrible, your performances never cease to mesmerize me. There is a simultaneous strength and vulnerability in your voice that has more than once left my eyes widened and my ears hanging on your every word.”

Death by Dying, A dark comedy audio drama

 “The Van gives most of its time and attention to its characters, specifically thanks to the podcast’s use of [Gideon’s] narration, which puts the listener right in the protagonist Cola’s head.”

The Best Superhero Podcasts to Listen to Right Now by Wil Williams on Polygon.com

“Engaging and powerful, Leslie Gideon puts in a complex and weighty performance that feels like a slow growing climb to timelessness.”

Cybernautica, A cyberpunk audio drama

“[The] economic and yet poetic language performed by talented lead voice actor Leslie Gideon (The Van)…will deliver you into a Gothic urban fantasy world where immortality comes with a heavy price to pay.”

Fiction Podcast Debuts: January Roundup by Elena Fernández Collins on The Bello Collective