Great & Terrible

Penelope Jane (Lead)

Great & Terrible is a gothic fantasy audio drama about Penelope Jane. She’s a high-school junior who is granted immortality — but there’s a catch. With eternity at her disposal, Jane is willing to take her sweet time sharing her tale. She’s abrasive, bratty, and more self aware than she lets on.

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Great & Terrible is an A.R. Olivieri production.


The Van

Cola (Lead)

The Van is a science fiction audio drama about family, poetry, and a rather menacing van in the desert. One of those kids in The Van is 17 year old Cola. She’s curious, anxious, and infatuated with literature. Her powers are growing, and her adoptive family has no idea how powerful she really is.

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The Van is part of The Whale Bus Podcast Network. 


Mina’s Story

Dr. Theresa Melendez (Supporting)

Mina’s Story is a limited run audio drama about Mina, a young woman who thrusts herself into the future to try to get back to the past. Along the way, she meets Dr. Theresa Melendez, a cryogenics expert and physical therapist. Dr. Melendez is kind, gentle, and a nurturer at heart.

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Meteor City

Bethany (Supporting)

Meteor City is an alternate history science fiction audio drama. In 2008, a meteor hit Detroit, killing hundreds & displacing thousands. Bethany Cain-Campbell is the Executive Director and face of New Detroit Financial, a family business that’s sprung up during rebuilding efforts. She’s ambitious, cold, and obsessed with keeping up appearances.

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Meteor City is part of Wrightwood Studios

take-the_orig masspike.png

Take The Mass Pike

Stacey (Guest Star)

Take the Mass Pike is an anthology podcast of short stories from various genres, all set around Massachusetts. One such story follows a Cape Cod community garden that harvests terror. The tale is relayed through letters Stacey writes to her mother. She’s sweet, attentive and too naive for her own good.

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Take The Mass Pike is an Enfield Arts production.

Accession Show Art.jpg


Night (Cameo)

Accession is a a non-fiction narrative podcast that aims to re-contextualize art and its history. Using a variety of storytelling techniques, artworks are brought to life. One tale shares a story of Night, a sculpture by Aristide Maillol from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Night, when alive, is deliberate, poetic and melancholic. (Spanish speaking role.)

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Agent Danvers (Cameo)
Youtuber (Cameo)

Zoo is a horror mystery audio drama following different incidents across the United States that share an unnoticed link, a mysterious sign that reads Zoo.

One such incident follows a team of FBI Agents, including the experienced, cautious, and tough Agent Danvers. Another involves a group of intrepid kids, including a nervous, opportunistic and chipper YouTuber.

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